2012-2013 Brevard Branch Officers

Pat Clow, President

Maureen Copelof, President Elect

 Joann McCarthy, Secretary

 Betty Runion, Treasurer

 Linda Thompson, Annette Blum, Membership Vice Presidents

Linda Mashburn, Hulda Warren, Program Vice Presidents

Carol Elliott, Past-president

Committee Chairs 2011-2012
Book Sale: Judy Baghose, Penny Davies
Book Sale Publicity: Susan Becker
Branch Publicity: Norah Davis
Bylaws: Karla Atkinson
Calendar Sales: Renee Braun
Chamber of Commerce Liaison: Sue Zeigler
Scholarship: Carole Pohl
Historian: Audrey Lavery
Hospitality: Maureen Copelof, Annette Blum
IWIL: Sue Zeigler
Jeopardy: Dottie Kosiba
Legal Advocacy Fund: Susanne Rolland
Newsletter: Liz Bates, Dianne Krause
Nominating: Sandy Tooman
Parliamentary: Barbara Wolfe
Photography: Ruth Clausen, Jackie Hovey
Public Education: Penny Davies, Pat Clow
Public Policy/Voter Action: Katie Thompson
Rise and Shine: Mary Read
Women Who Make A Difference: Ladene Newton
Special Luncheon Events: Ann Grant, Carolyn Van Ness
Sunshine/Community Correspondent: Phyllis Stout
Voter Guide: Carol Elliott
Website: Dianne Krause
Women’s History Display: Maureen Copelof, Barb Belli
Yearbook: Betsy Tibbs


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